Senior software engineer Java


Senior software engineer Java

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  • Beschikbaar per 01-03-2020
  • Locatie: Tussen Den helder en Amsterdam


Introductie van de Freelander


  • All-round software engineer with 19 years of professional experience.

    Thinks along strategically every day about how his employer is to earn back his salary..

    Expert in Java, DSL (Domain Specific Language) MDE (Model Driven Engineering) and code generator design. Did several projects related to the application of code generators and DSLs. It is the way to develop software at break-neck speed without breaking your neck.


Ervaring van de Freelander


Java & C++ developer
  • This company has built its own low-latency currency exchange platform mainly in Java. It is used 24/5 by large banks all over the world. In a small development team I help extending and maintaining the platform. I also help refactoring it to make it scale better and write unit tests. Optimal algorithms, protocols & data structures and lock-free programming are used to match bids to offers in microseconds. In addition I have set up a suite of end-to-end tests and performance tests in Java and C++ and introduced unit testing for the C++ code. Introduced a set of DSL’s for end-to-end test scripts and generating stubs and skeletons for FIX in Java,C++ and C# as well as a proprietary binary protocol


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